Moment- Chapter 1

I just found a story that I wrote long time ago. I would like to post it. Is call MOMENT.

Storm clouds, heavy with rain, swiftly moving across the sky. The ominous rumble of thunder in the distance. Wind rising, blowing dust and brush across the front yard.
She was in a doorway, a wedding bouquet in her hands, anxiously watching the distant for an approaching car. Mike would never get here in time now. Jordon felt her stomach clench at the hard truth. Why did he have to time it down to the very last minute ? She signed and stepped back from the front door, setting the small bouquet of white roses on the hallway table.
“Your fiancé here yet ?” Kate’s my best mate calm voice enchoed down the hallway. “The judge is getting antsy. “Yes, I know. I won’t wait much longer. “Jordon smoother down the sleeveless white chiffon dress, her jewelry was a broach from her mum – the wedding outfit. But nothing would gained without a froom, Jordon despaired. And the time was running out. I’d better go out and look for my betrothed.” “In that weather?” Kate ask “You’ll make your clothes a mess. Jordon glanced at Kate, who stood scowling with arms across her chest.
“If Mike calls, tells him I’ve gone out looking for him and I’ll be back in a hour, “she instructed. She grabbed the keys to the pickup off the foyer table, then checked her watch. The road was not traveled well even on the fairest days. This morning, she reasoned anyone with scence in their head had pulled over to wait out the worst of the storm.
Then suddenly she spotted the dark form of a vehicle up ahead parked on the side of the road. Then she drew closer, a flash of lightning illusuinated the scene. Not Mike’s car as she hoped. She approached the car and carefully applied the brakes. Her own car skid to the side but finally stopped safely on the road. She cut the engine and pressed on her emergency lights. When she looked back at the black car, she caught sight of five gorgeous guys through the window. She forget about her missing groom and spoiled plans and was suddenly happy she’d stopped. She pushed her door open and the rain hit her face. The door of the black cars swung open and Jordon found herself staring at the driver. His serious impassive expression and compelling blue eyes mad her breath catch and froze her in her tracks.
“Thank for stopping”, he said smiling. His voice was deep, disturbingly masculine. Even the four guys smiling at her and said “Hi”. ‘No problem, she replied evenly. ‘Why don’t you guys leave your car here and I’ll give all of you a lift back to my place ? It’s only a few miles west.” I’ll wait in the cars for you guys, Jordon said curtly. She turned and off to her car, putting some much distance between herself and her new found passengers. The guys soon appeared at the passenger side of the car and everyone climb in. My name is Jordon, by the way, out of the corner of her eye, she caught him glance her way over the guys. Then he looked back out at the road. Nicky, ‘he replied and this Shane, Kian, Bryan and Mark…my friends. Hello, they replied and she smile at them. He turned, his gaze moving slowly down with an slightly amused light dancing in his blue eyes. She knew she looked a sight, from the circle of flowers in her long whipped hair. His appraisal of her appearance unnerved her. Annoyed . It’s not a party exactly, Jordon replied. I’m supposed to be getting married today. The words just burst out. Maybe just to shock, that amused look off his handsome face, she realized. And she’s succeeded, she noticed. “Married? Today? His gaze. Uh-huh, she nodded. “Congratulation, Nicky said quietly. These last words were spoken lightly. So far, the groom is the no-show. I came out looking for him and found you guys. She felt everyone looking at her and she turned to meet their gaze. “Probably stuck in the rain, “Kian offered. “Probably,” she agreed.


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