Moment- Chapter 10

Tonight she had to face the truth- she would never see him again.
After packing Jordon showered and pulled on a baggy blue T-shirt as nightwear. When she finally shut off the light, the house felt very empty and the night sounds outdoor disturbed her.
When Jordon opened her eyes, she heard a cock crowing in the barnyard and saw dawn’s first rays filtering through the lace curtain of her bedroom window.
Then she saw her three large black duffle bags and with a sudden clench in her heart, remember her plans to leave today. But…something wasn’t right. she didn’t have three bags. She had only one. She opened her eyes wider and tried to sit up, suddenly aware of a heavy, solid weight next to her. She twisted sideways to see a hand. A man’s hand, she twisted further and found Nicky, heavily asleep beside her on top of the sheet, his head buried in the pillow as he softly snored.
She gently turned to get a better look at him. She leaned her head on her arm and looked down at him. As if sensing her gaze, his eyes flickered open and he slowly smiled. A smile that went straight to her heart.
He pulled her head down to his, and she met his mouth in a deep, thirsty kiss, a kiss that seemed to go on endlessly. I miss you. I can’t tell you how much, his voice was husky with emotion and longing. I miss you too, she whispered. I thought you weren’t coming back and you don’t even call. I could never leave you. Don’t you know that by now ? he asked. I do know— she managed, suddenly he pulled her close and give her another passionate kiss.
Then they heard Shane hoisily cleared his throat as she and Nicky slowly move apart, she felt a warm bush up her cheek. They smiled and then enter the room. I give everyone a hug. Oh, I miss you guys. Kian said, yeah we miss you too especially Nicky, he really look down. I turn my gazed at him, smiling. Everyone laugh. I think we should take a nap after a long flight, Mark said. Then they left the room, leaving Jordon and Nicky alone. Nicky ? she began in a clear voice. Nicky – I love you, she burst out finally. He lifted his head and stared down at her. He started to speak but she covered his mouth with his fingertips. No, wait…let me finish. You don’t have to say anything. Really. I just want you to know how I feel and that I was an idiot not to tell you before.. when you told me about the band, I was so afraid, you left that I’d never get to tell you.
Oh,Jordon…he leaned down and kissed her. I love you too, sweetheart. So much… I feel like my heart’s going to burst right out of my chest. Sometime, if I let myself think too much about it. He gazed down at her. I was afraid you’d never understand why I had to take off and do thing my own way. I thought if you had any feelings for me at all, you’d probably wind up hating me.
Hate you ? How could I ? For thinking I caused you to lose you inheritance, he replied. I don’t give a damn about my inheritance, she assured him. She reached up and stroked his face with her hand. I only care about you. I don’t care about going back to California. I’ll go anywhere you want to Nicky. I just want to be where you are. He laughed and kisses the tip of her nose. And the main thing is I don’t think Roger can cause any real trouble now for you because of me, Jordon. I want you to fight him. I think you’ll win. I don’t want you to lose this place without even fighting for it and maybe someday end up regretting it. She quietly regarded him, so you think we should fight Roger ? Absolutely, he vowed. That means we’ll have to stay married, she reminded him. How about staying right here and running this ranch together, but you still can going on tour with the guys ? Do you really want to do that, Sugar ? he asked in a serious tone. I haven’t forgotten what you told me about growing up here. If you still feel the way, I’d never want you to stay here just for me you know. She gazed into his eyes, feeling the total connection that had marked their relationship as being so very special from the first. She could see he was sincere and she knew he would never allow her to live in a place that made her unhappy.
I feel differently about it now. I really do. Because of having you here, I guess, she confessed. You really mean that, don’t you ? My whole life is changed because of you, Nicky. You are my whole life, she confessed. He smiled tenderly at her, his blue eyes growing bright. As if he might cry, she realized. Nicky ? suddenly she felt as if she might start crying herself. And you are mine, sugar, he whispered in a thick voice as he lowered his face toward hers for a kiss.


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