Moment- Chapter 3

So…. Do you need my help ? he asked. Well…ummm…. Jordon wasn’t sure where to begin. Listen, you don’t have to get involved in this. I-it was ridiculous idea to begin with. Why don’t you let me help you ? He stood up and walked over. Until now, Jordon hadn’t taken a really good look at Nicky with his jacket off and suddenly couldn’t take her eyes off him. I just want to get it straight. You need someone to marry you, he said. Do I have it right ? Um-well, yes. Jordon nodde nervously. Well, there’s this will. My father’s will, she explained. My father had very tradisional ideas about women. He hated the idea that I was out in the world, working, having a career… Whereabouts in the world were you ? California, mostly. I was an actress. Was?? Meaning you’ve given that up to stay out here? I’ve given up on acting, but not to stay out here, she replied with a light laugh. Eventually I guess I’ll return to California and take some courses. Figure out something useful to do with my life. Go on, he coaxed her. You were telling me about your father ? My father firmly believed that I should be married. He believed it so much that his will stated I cannot inherit this ranch and other assest, unless I’m married by time I’m twenty years old. She explained now she had arranged for her friend Mike to marry her for the period of time. But now Mike is stuck in an airport, she added and the whole scheme has been ruined. Well, how old are you now, if I may ask?? Nineteen, she replied. And when’s your birthday? She took a deep breath before answering. Tomorrow. A smile flashed across his face. You’re kidding, right? She shook her head in reply. Her golden brown hair fell across her face and she carelessly swiped them back with her hand. And what happen if you don’t get married by tomorrow? I lose it all. Everything goes to my cousin, Roger. Oh, You stuck between a rock and a hard place, aren’t you, then? Jordon started to answer, but her throat felt thick. She nodded, feeling tears well up in her eyes again as she felt Nicky watching her. She stared down at her hands clasped together and willed herself not to cry. Suddenly Nicky’s reached out and covered hers. Hey, he whisper, don’t cry, Jordon. I think you can figure this out. Jordon did not answer. But neither did she remove her hands from his grasp. Jordon….listen, he said softly. He cleared his throat and she stared up into his blue eyes. Maybe I can help you…he suggested, his words training off. Maybe I can marry you. No, she said, pulling her hands away and shaking her head. She didn’t mean to snap him, but the word just bust out. I didn’t think so. Thanks…but she glance at him. Listen, thanks for the offer, she added. I know you’re just trying to help, but…. But what ?? You have——he glanced at his watch— about ten hours to tie the know and you’re stuck out on this ranch in a mother of storm, short one groom. But we’re strangers. I don’t know anything about you, and you don’t know anything about me. He shrugged, I’ve got news for you. Most people who get married the normal ways don’t know all the much about each other, neither. Besides, he continued. What you’ve described isn’t a real marriage, anyway. Jordon nodded. Clearly, marrying Nicky would solve the problem. She had found a man who was everything he seemed. Honest, sensible, smart, responsible and hand working, she described him. You really want this ranch, don’t you?? I mean, you really mucs, if you’re willing to marry a total stranger. Of course I want it. I grew up here. So you want to stay here. Build this place up again, is that it? He quietly persisted. No, that’s not my plan at all, she countered firmly. I plan to fix the place up for a quick sale. Do you have a problem with that ? she asked. No, not at all.


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