Moment- Chapter 6

Jordon gripped Nicky’s hand as they entered the great room when Kate had left Roger waiting. She felt a surge of confidence flow through her as she felt Nicky gently squeeze her hand. “Roger—“ she greeted her cousin shortly. She didn’t add the perfunctory “ how good to see you. May I present my husband, Nicky Bryne. How d’ya do ? her cousin replied. Where’d she ever find you bud ? Sittin’ on a bar stood. Nicky’s expression grew stony. His eyes black with anger. I don’t give a damn who you are, mister. Nobdy’s going to talk about my wife like that in front of me. As Nicky moved toward his target, his fists clenched, Jordon hung on to his arm and pulled him back. It okay, she whispered to him. He just trying to get a rise out of you. Don’t let him get under your skin. Sorry we couldn’t invite you to the wedding, Roger, Jordon taunted him. We did get some nice photos, though. Care to see our album? She asked. She picked up the little silver-plated album off the bookcase and held it out to her cousin. So, you got yourself married just in the nick of time. Think you’re pretty damn clever, don’t you ? Well, let me tell you something, big Hollywood star. I’m going to find a way to break that will , if it’s the last thing I do. Well, I guess the joke’s on him, then. Nicky interrupted smoothly, because we are well and truly married. Nicky free himself from Jordon’s hold and mover closer to Roger with every word he spoke. Nicky watches as Roger slowly but surely backed toward the door.
Jordon saw Nicky’s arm fold back, then release like a powerful spring, his fist meeting Roger face with a long thud and flopping to one side. Roger shout, I’ll have you arrested for assault and battery!. Oh, you will, huh? Nicky tone was low and he took slow, few steps toward him. Nicky grabbed his collar and lifted the man up on his feet with one hand. Nicky released him and he dropped like a sack of potatoes. Moments later they heard the sound of Roger’s bug car starting up with a roar as he flew out the driveway. Finally Jordon turned to Nicky, her arms crossed over her chest. Well, is that any way to treat my relations? She teased. He saw her smile, and his expression lightened. I believe in a clean fight. By the way, do they all have such hard heads in your family? He asked rubbing his knuckles. I think I broke a finger. She gently took his hand in her own. His knuckle was swollen, tracing it with her forefinger. You ought to put ice on that, she said seriously. Keep stroking my hand like that and I’ll need to put an ice pack on something, he murmured. She tried to laugh, but couldn’t her breath caught in her throat as she watched his head move closer and felt his free hand rest at her waist, drawing her closer. He was going to kiss her again. Now, Finally. And she was going to let him. Gladly. His lips met hers, warm and persuasive at first. With a deep sigh of surrender, Jordon wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders. Jordon heard the kitchen door at the end of the hall swing open. “Did that guy leave yet? Kate called out to them. Jordon swiftly broke away from Nicky, but she know Kate must have seen something. Oh-excuse me, Kate said as she back tracked into the kitchen. Didn’t mean to interrupt if you were still….talking. I….. his mouth open a moment, his gaze fixed on her. I need to get out now, he said shortly. As if this little interlude has been all her idea! She silently huffed. Me, too, Jordon agreed and turned on her heel and pounded up the stairs.
After a long day, Kate help to preparing the meal. Thankful for the help, Jordon had invited Kate to stay for supper. After the horse riding outside all day, the guys were a bundle of energy at the table. After dinner was over, Kate left and the guys when back to their room but Nicky still sitting there. Without looking at him Jordon stood up , to do some cleaning. Anything I can do to help you? He offered. No, thank, I can handle it. Where the others? I guess they were ready to bed, he replied. I think I won you an apology for the way I acted this morning. An apology? She glanced at him them nodded. Thank you for being so….. honest, Nicky, said tightly. He come forward her again. I try to be honest with you Jordon. You don’t know me very well, but I’m ready not like that normally.
Goading you on? She burst out. When did I ever goad you on? You were the one who grabbed me, remember? Nicky stared at her, puzzled by her ranting. I wasn’t talking about you, he replied. I never meant that you had goaded me on, you kept holding me back. I meant your cousin, Roger. I want to apologize for the way I hauled off and socked him this morning. Oh, said in a small voice, she tried to avoid his curious stare. I just thought…..she cleared her throat. Never mind. Doesn’t matter now. Oh, I get it….Nicky replied, his voice laced. You thought I was talking about us ? There is no us, Nicky, and I’ll thank you to remember that, she snapped at him. Jordon walked up the stair and Nicky just stand there watching.


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