Moment – Chapter 7

Nix, when are you going to tell her about the band? Nicky sighed and shook his head. I don’t know Shane. Things have been well, I don’t want to ruin them. She has a right to know. I know, but I guess it’s just that what we have at the moment, is so fragile anyway, god knows what’ll happen when she finds out that I travel around the world for part of my living. Well there’s only one way to find out Nix. It’ll be alright mate. He put a hand comfortingly on Nicky’s shoulder and smiled sympathetically.
She walk direct her attention elsewhere as she approached they room but a noise caught her ear. She looked and saw that the door was slightly ajar. Hesitation briefly, she finally walked up to the door and pushed it open a bit more. Looking inside she could see all five of them spread around the room. Kian was playing a guitar and from the sound of it, they were having a sing-a-long. She was about to leave when a sweet voice carried out the hallway and drew her back to the door.
What would it take, for you to see
To make you understand that I’ll always believe
You and I , can make it through
And I still know, I can’t get over you
And when our love seem to fade away
Listen to me what I say
As the rest of the guys joined in on the chorus, she realized how talented they were.
Then she saw a car approaching…it’s Roger. He took his time getting out of his car and strolling up the walk to the front steps, a newspaper in one hand. He came up on the porch, but did not attempt to enter the house. Where’s your load and master? Taking a little time off from defending you ladyship’s honor? What is it, Roger? She looked him squarely in the eyes. I don’t hae all day for your nonsense. Oh, I think you’ll have time for this nonsense, honey, Just got some news about your better half. Seem the guy you married is a boyband from Ireland. They called themselves “Westlife”. I do want to give this to you straight…… Jordon felt the blood drain from her face as she watched Roger calmly slip on a pair of reading glasses, then open the paper and held out to her. Well, there’s more , but you might as well read it all for yourself. I will read it, she managed. Her head pounded with anger and frustration and he got back into his car. Jordon sagged against the front door and briefly buried her face in her hands. She made it to the study on shaky legs and closed the door, then dropped down on the leather couch to read the paper that Roger handle to her.
The head line “GO WESTLIFE”. And it read :-
In 1996, Westlife made up of Shane Filan, Kian Egan and Mark Feehily. Back in their native hometown of Sligo in Ireland, the three boys were in a production of the musical “Grease”. They also appeared on local TV news show and were seen by boy manager Louis Walsh. So impressed was Walsh that he tried to get in touch with Westlife, except that he didn’t know how. Fortunately, Filan’s mother was also trying to contact Walsh to ask him to manager the boys. Walse offered to try the boys when they performed in Dublin. The performance was a success. So Walsh set up auditions for the two additional members Nicky Byrne just retured from an apprenticeship with Leeds United and decided to take part in the audition. His friend Bryan McFadden, who was already a singer in the city, also take part. They were the first two to the audition, but it was clear to the three boys there two were the ones they were looking for. Since joining RCA, Westlife have made tremendous progress. They were voted by Smash Hits magazine as Best New Tour Act in 1998. They debut single Swear It Again reached No 1. They second sing If I Let You Go reached No 1 too. Their thirth single Flying Without Wings was also released to much acclaim.
She also saw a big photo of Nicky, Shane, Kian, Bryan and Mark. Jordon couldn’t believe that the guy is staying with her actually a famous boyband. She looked over the news once more, she paced across the room, flagging her hands through her hair as she comptemlated confronting Nicky with the news. A sharp knock on the door sounded, followed by Nicky’s voice. Jordon, can I come in? Her nerves felt shattered. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to face him. Door’s open, she finally replied. He opened the door swiftly and entered the room. Mark said Roger stopped by before, he began in gruff, self-conscious tone. Then, his voice growing softer her asked, Are you all right? He took a step toward her, his gaze searching out hers, unspoken words of concern and even affection in his eyes. Actually, I’m not all right, she turned her back to him and picked the paper up off her desk. Roger gave me those, he say’s that you were Westlife – the famous boyband from Ireland. The shocked look on Nicky’s face told her all she needed to know. But she asked him the question, anyway, is it true?? He took a deep breath and nodded, Yes, it is. He swallowed hard and reached for the papers. He looked at them briefly. I’m sorry Jordon, I should have told you about this before. I thought to help you. I didn’t realize someone like Roger would try to dig up dirt on me. I wasn’t trying to trick you. Honestly, he added. He looked so sincerely sorry. I believe you, she said. Then she looked down at her hands and nervously toyed with her wedding band. But now I need to know the whole story, she said looking back at Nicky. Jordon, I need to tell you something about myself, he started. There was more? Jordon felt her stomach clench. I’m listening, she said simple, trying hard to keep her voice even, to keep out the note of alarm. It’s had to tell you this, I’m afraid…. His voice trailed off. I guess I’m plain afraid you’ll hate me.


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