Moment – Chapter 8

You see, Jordon, it’s like this, he began in a slow, gruff voice. We’re been having a few weeks of since we’ve been here but out manager Louis Walsh will be around this week. We start working again, a few photo shoots, TV and radio appearance and magazine interview. I should have told you about us but I didn’t want to ruin it. I like being with you. We don’t like walking around and telling everybody, hey we are famous because we don’t think we are. We are just normal boys. Jordon shook her head as she tried to take it all in. If Roger didn’t come up with the paper, when you guys going to tell me she asked. When time is right, he answered. And may I know when is the right time ? He just keep quiet and looking straight in her eyes. Jordon turned and walk toward the door, suddenly Nicky’s pull her back and kiss her hard but Jordon pulled away. Jordon… I’m sorry. She couldn’t look at him. Her eyes filled with tears then she run back to her room and cry her heart out. Maybe he was right in a way, she thought to herself. She supposed that her reaction too all this had more to do with the way she felt about him than the actual fact that he hadn’t told her about the band. She hadn’t realized that she could feel so much for someone in such a short space of time. However, she also knew that she was falling in love with Nicky Byrne.
The next morning Jordon woke up unusually late. She felt disoriented at first, but a banging headache soon reminded her of everything. Shane has been aware that something was wrong, but realized that she didn’t want to talk about it. He had given her a quick hug and then disappeared to his won room. Her mind kept drifting to Nicky and eventually she went into her room and duried up on the bed. The tears had come in droves and no matter how hard she tired, she couldn’t stop them. Finally, in the early hours of the morning feeling emotionally and physically drained, she had fallen into a deep sleep. She sat up as the pounding in her head became more severe. She glanced at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her eyes were red and swollen and her face was tear streaked.
Nicky had pured his heart out to Shane and Kian when he’d returned to their room the night before. Byran and Mark had already been asleep. What am I going to do ? he signed. I could tell she was upset about something last night, Shane said. It must been surprised for her to learn about the band. That’s an understatement, snorted Kian. He got dirty looks from the rest of the lads and looked guiltily at Nicky. Sorry, mate. No, you’re right Ki, Nicky smiled weakly. I made a complete mess of everything. I’m an idiot ! he said. I can’t believe Louis be here tomorrow, Mark said gasping for breath. Me , either, our time off has just flown by, agreed Bryan. It’ll be good to get back to work though, said Kian. Hey Ki, why don’t you bang out a tune on your guitar for us, make sure Nicky don’t sound any worse that he did before, joked Shane. Charming!!!! Laughed Nicky. That’s not a bad idea though, singing always cheered him up. Kian pulled out his guitar and started strumming. Within minutes they were all singing along and raising the roof.


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