Moment – Chapter 9

They were due to leave the following day and they were in their room packing. I was sitting at the porch thinking what Nicky said last night. Suddenly she felt Nicky’s hand on her shoulder. All you all right ? he asked. Yeah… fine. Are you guys leaving tomorrow? Looking sad. Yes… we need to go back to work. Jordon noticed Nicky looking at her from the corner of his eyes as they were talking, but didn’t want to look back.
They were up early in the morning. They had to leave for airport at 10am to make their 12 o’clock flight. Kian, Mark, Shane, Bryan, Nicky and Jordon were all eating their breakfast before their car arrived. They did one last check of the rooms to make sure nothing had been left out. Well… guess it goodbye, Jordon said giving a sympathetic look. I gave everyone a hug, then Nicky holding my hand. I’m gonna miss you…Jordon. Me, too…Nix. I looked into his eyes and then fell into an ocean. Nicky’s lips found mine and we kissed a sweet warm kiss. I was battling against the tears trying to hold them in, but I failed though. Hey, don’t cry as Nicky gently wiped a tear from my cheek with his soft hand.
5 months later.
After long day at the barn, Jordon laying on the couch and flicked on MTV and there I saw a very familiar face, and turned up the sound. There was Nicky with other guys singing. I sat there listening closely on the song, they really have such a beautiful voice. The song just hit me right in my heart..
Baby, open your heart
Won’t you give me a second chance
And I’ll be here forever
Open your heart
Let me show you how much I care
And I will make you understand
If you open your heart
To love me once again
They look extremely gorgeous especially Nicky – her husband, she thought. She really miss them a lot. If she tell Nicky how she feel, he may not be leaving.


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