Book Review- Fire & Ice

Fire and Ice

Fresh from her incredible smash-hit historical romance Shadow Music,New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood returns to contemporary romantic suspense with this wonderfully sexy, exhilarating blockbuster. Filled with sizzling passion and breathless adventure, Fire and Ice features a feisty heroine whom Garwood’s devoted readers already know and love from her hugely popular novelMurder List.

Sophie Rose, a tough and determined newspaper reporter, is the daughter of Bobby Rose, a suave, charming, and handsome gentleman who also happens to be a notorious big-time thief sought by every law-enforcement agency in the country. When the major Chicago daily where she works insists she write an exposé about her roguish father, Sophie refuses, quits her job, and goes to work at a small newspaper. Far from her onetime high-powered crime beat, she now covers local personalities such as the quirky winner of several area 5K runs whose trademark is goofy red socks.

Those red socks–with Sophie’s business card neatly tucked inside–are practically all that’s found after runner William Harrington is killed near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, seemingly the victim of a brutal death by polar bear. The Alaska cops want to know why Harrington carried Sophie’s card. With an unerring nose for a good story, she heads north.

What Sophie doesn’t realize is that on her journey from Chicago to Prudhoe Bay, danger follows in her wake. After one attempt on her life, she’s been assigned brash but sexy Jack MacAlister as a bodyguard by the cautious FBI. Amid great peril and deadly intrigue in the unforgiving Alaskan terrain, she and Jack form an uneasy alliance sparked with sensual attraction. But they will soon be fighting more than their growing passion for each other. Powerful forces will stop at nothing to prevent the exposure of the sinister conspiracy Sophie and Jack are about to uncover.

Captivating mystery, unyielding desire, unrelenting action in a setting both beautiful and lethal–Julie Garwood weaves these thrilling elements into a heat-generating masterpiece of romantic suspense.

Reviews : This is book 7 in the Buchanan series, about Sassy and Newly Independent Sophie Rose, the daughter of a very sought after person for question by any law agency out there. It’s also about the newly assigned partner of Alec Buchanan from Murder List Jack MacAlister. Let me tell you Jack was the greatest Hero ever. Don’t get me wrong I love Noah and will forever stay loyal to Noah but Jack gives him a run for his money. I loved the instant bickering and banter between him and Sophie, He so easily got under her skin and I found myself on more than one occasion laughing my head off. I was also surprised at myself mostly for how much I loved Barry the Polar Bear. This story is very much worth reading even if you don’t read the other which I highly recommend that you do, you should still read this one so you can understand my appreciation for Jack.


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