Quotes from The Lucky One
Quotes from The Lucky One

Song Fic – Close

Across the miles, its funny to me
How far you are, but how near you seem to be
I could talk all night just to hear you breathe
I would spend my life just living this dream
You’re all I ever need

Stephanie rested her head on Mike’s chest, insecurely. She needed to be close to Mike right now, but would she ever be able to explain it to him? What was she going to do? It’s not like she could just run around and tell Mike that she….she was… Step almost shocked herself with that though. She couldn’t, could she? Was she really falling in love with Mike? After 2 years in the same home, after everything they’d gone through…as friends. And, well, friends was all they were ever gonna be.

Mike was taken by surprise as Stephanie leaned against him. He could feel his heart racing, sincerely believing Steph wouldn’t notice how his body reacted to the gesture. He tried to focus on the movie. For heaven’s sake man, pull yourself together. It’s not like you’re…you’re it suddenly hit him. He was. He was falling in love with Steph. But how? What was he gonna do now? Tell Steph and risk their friendship?

You give me strength
You give me hope
You give me someone to love, someone to hold
When I’m in your arms, I need you to know
I’ve never been, never been this close

Steph could feel all every muscle in her body tense as Mike placed his arm around her. Her heart was racing, her body at the verge of shaking with lust. Her breath getting heavier. Suddenly all the despressed feelings were gone. She found a comfort in Mike’s embrace she’d never felt before. That’s when she knew it was for real. When she realized Mike was all she ever needed.

Mike couldn’t help but embrace Steph. He tried to make it casual, hoping that Steph wouldn’t notice the tenseness in his body. The way his body, his mind, his heart screamed for more. He knew it right then. Steph wasn’t just her soul mate in a friendly way. She was the person he wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Hold on, Steph was the women he wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Witch could cause a few complications, cos Steph was definitely straight. She’d have told him otherwise, wouldn’t she?

With all the loves I used to know
I kept my distance never let go
But in your arm I know I’m safe
Cause I’ve never been held and I’ve never been kissed
In this way
You’re all I’ll ever need, you’re all I’ll ever need

Steph looked up at Mike. Mike looked back at her and their eyes locked for a moment. I love you Mike, Steph whispered, her voice full of passion, lust and love. Steph’s words shocked even herself. Where did that come from? She hoped to God Mike didn’t hear that. Mike was shocked. What did you just say? He whispered back. Steph shrugged nervously, Nothing, nothing at all. Mike didn’t want to leave it. No, you said you….do you? Steph was surprised at how calm Mike sounded. She nodded, looking up at Mike, who had no statement at all on his blank face. Mike, I’m sorry, I, I don’t know what came over me, Steph tried. I’m sorry I….. she was shocked when she was cut off by Mike’s kiss, rather than some kind of tantrum. A few seconds passed before he came to her sense and replied to the kiss, passionately. Her head spinning, all kinds of thought and emotions rushing through it.

Mike couldn’t believe what Steph just said. He must’ve imagined cos it was what he wanted to hear at that very moment. He asked anyway, just to make sure. When Steph confirmed the fact he didn’t know what to do. All those emotions overcame him. Finally, he came back to his senses. He leant down to kiss Steph, as he tightened his embrace. Afraid this would only be a dream. Afraid Steph would slip away again. He still wasn’t really sure what was happening. All he knew was that it felt right, and it was more wonderful than anything he’d ever experienced before.

You give e strength
You give me hope
You give me someone to love, someone to hold
When I’m in your arms I need you to know
I’ve never been, never been this close

Steph couldn’t stop herself now. No one had ever, not even once, turned her on in this way before. She locked her arms around Mike’s neck, in a bid for him not to let go. Unfortunately, two grown don’t exactly fit on a small coach. Especially not when they’re doing…well, what they were doing. The bed…Steph managed to let out as they hit the floor. Mike nodded, as he managed to pick Steph up and place her on his bed. Steph moaned with pleasure as Mikes hands stated to play on her body, slowly undoing the buttons of her shirt. Mike’s lips covering her in kisses. This was beeter than anything that had ever happened to her, or ever her wildest imaginations, this was like heaven.

Mike couldn’t believe how turned on he was. Not even when they rolled to the floor he wanted to let go. He’d picked Steph up before, and this time he had no problem at all, his body fuelled by the passion. He’d never made love to a women before. He’d never even kissed a women before…but , this felt so right. He just went with it. Wondering if Steph would notice. Has he had girlfriend before? The feeling overcame him, his hands rushing over Steph’s body, wanted to touch everything at one. Just feel her, taste her, Steph moaned and it just made him go even more crazy. Longing to fulfill both Steph’s and his own needs.

Close enough to see it’s true
Close enough to trust in you
Closer now that any words can say

Steph rested her head back against Mike’s chest. She could feel Mike’s heart beat, his heavy breathing. Just the same as her own. She was truly exhausted now. She’d never thought Mike as good in bed. She blushed. Mike was good in bed. She thought the thought over. Maybe mike had had a girlfriend before? Steph certainly hadn’t. she hadn’t kisses a guy. Hadn’t love a guy. Had never felt turned on by a guy. Not until last night, at least. Mike looked at Steph. He caught her cheeks turning a shade of crimson. Are you regretting it? he whispered, unsure of his own feelings. Steph shook her head with determination. No, not a single moment of it. do you? Mike shook his head. No, he didn’t regret something that feels so right.

And when, when I’m in your arms I need you to know
I’ve never been, I’ve never been this close

Suddenly something hit Stephanie. Mike, what are we gonna do now? What happens between us? What are we gonna tell everyone else? Mike shrugged. I honestly don’t know. All I know is I don’t want to end it here. Steph was so happy to hear those words. Neither do I. Mike pulled her closer, I guess we’ll just have to face whatever happens now. I don’t know about you but I don’t care. I’d go through anything for this…for you…for us. Steph was too happy with it. All she could do was kiss Mike as a sign of approval.

Mike couldn’t believe how lucky he was. There was just one thing triggering his mind. Steph, why didn’t you tell me…you were…he still couldn’t quite say the word, not really wanted to admit the fact that he was, they both were. Steph rolled over a little, so she could face Mike properly. I didn’t know. I just realised last night. Mike nodded understandingly, so did I…Steph nodded as she laid her head back on the pillow and drifted off to sleep. Mike watched her, listened to her breath change as she drifted off. He couldn’t believe what had happened last night. He’s always wondered what true love is like. When you love someone really much and you know they love you back just as much. Now he know the answer. He rested his head on the pillow, falling asleep with a smile spread across his lips.

You give me strength
You give me hope
You give me someone to love, someone to hold
When I’m in your arms, I need you to know
I’ve never been, never been
This close.

~The End~

World Book Day


With world book day is on April 23, we explore some of the more popular genres of books.

Imagine a world where dragons take flight and elves walk the earth. Or a future where time travel warp speed and cyborgs are commonplace.

Immerse yourself in a life well lived by an inspiring person or get caught up in intrigue and drama. Or fall in love. And do it all without leaving your bed- because all it takes is a good book. Ah, but what is the definition of a ‘good’ book?

The literary types might say awards define a good book. But those who love crime thrillers might retort that their faves never win literary awards but are great boks nevertheless. And what about chick lit and romances, which can elicit vociferous argument? So many genres each with thousands of books…so we asked some bookworms to share their favourite genres and just why they like them. Tell us what your favourite genre is and why it’s the best of all.
Romance is definitely for me..

Why I love it – I was a fan of romance, it start when I start collecting second hand Mills and Boon’s books, scouring old bookstores and buying books by the bags and a send by my aunt from Australia.- I prefer old fashioned love stories lot of conflict and happy-ever-afters.

Why it’s popular – I think people just love happy endings. I certainly do. I was brought up on romances that promised fairy tale endings for everyone. It’s a form of escapism. In romance novels no matter how bad things get, you know that in the end the bad people have unhappy endings and the good people fall in love and live happily ever after, unlike real life, which is messy.

Plus, over the 10 to 15 years romance have changes: heroines these days are independent career women more than capable of taking on any man. They want happy endings too, but as long as it’s on their terms. There are also more interacial and interfaith romances, and characters are much more complex and detailed now.

Favourite book from the genre : – I can’t really tell which books- much more on Judith McNaught, Nicholas Sparks and Julie Garwood. I have collection on those.

Happy Reading !!!

Book Review- Remember When

Judith McNaught's last enchanting bestseller, Until You, was hailed as "brilliantly done and completely entertaining... ripe plot twists... a fine supporting cast" (Ocala Star-Banner). Now, with more than fourteen million books in print and seven New York Times bestsellers, Judith McNaught brings us her latest, most enthralling novel...
Judith McNaught’s last enchanting bestseller, Until You, was hailed as “brilliantly done and completely entertaining… ripe plot twists… a fine supporting cast” (Ocala Star-Banner). Now, with more than fourteen million books in print and seven New York Times bestsellers, Judith McNaught brings us her latest, most enthralling novel…

When multinational tycoon Cole Harrison approached her on a moonlit balcony at the White Orchid Charity Ball, Diana Foster had no idea how extraordinary the night ahead would be. The most lavish social event of the Houston season had brought out American aristocracy, Texas-style, in glittering array. So, after losing her fiancé to a blond Italian heiress and reading about it in a sleazy gossip paper, the lovely Diana felt obliged to make an appearance-if only to save face and to bolster her company’s image. Foster’s Beautiful Living magazine was her family’s sucess story, and Diana knew that, single, childless, and suddenly unengaged, she was not living up to its lucrative image of upscale domestic tranquility. A women of gentle grace and kindness, Diana deeply valued her privacy and her dignity, both of which were at risk that night among certain rumor-driven socialites. And now the pride of Dallas billionaires, Cole Harrison, was closing in on her with two crystal flutes and a bottle of champagne…
The tall, lithe former stableboy couldn’t negotiate his way out of a contract with his crusty uncle, Cal-he had to bring home a wife, and soon, or see Cal’s share of the business Cole had created go to an undeserving relative. A man as coolly analytical as he was arrestingly attractive, Cole decided that his bride-to-be should be rich in her own right, meltingly beautiful, and a woman of impeccable character… Diana Foster! It was the perfect to their respective dilemmas, and, after a lot of champagne for Diana and some skilled persuasion from Cole, their lips met in a long, slow, bargain-sealing kiss. Neither one dared imagine that a match made in logic’s heaven might be headed straight for an unexpected, once-in-a-lifetime love…
Once again, Judith McNaught creates an unforgettable world filled with her “very special of dazzling wit, passion, and tender sensuality” (Romantic Times). As a proud woman and a wary man begin to taste the delights and the treacheries of romance, the drama smolders deliciously in this suspenseful, richly satisfying novel. Graced with a deep understanding of love’s surprises, it’s a tale that can only come from a supremely gifted storyteller, one who makes us so happy to…REMEMBER WHEN.

Book Review- Double Standard

double standard

In the exclusive, glittering world of business superstars, Nick Sinclair was a legend…

The ruggedly handsome president of Global Industries handled his business the way he handled his women — with charm, daring and ruthless self-control. A man used to the very best, Nick hired Lauren Danner, and assumed the proud beauty would soon be another easy conquest. But Lauren’s flashing wit and rare spirit dazzled him — and slowly, against his will, he was intrigued, challenged — and in love.
Yet Lauren was living a lie, a charade that became more dangerous with every passing moment. Trapped in a web of deceit, she fought her growing love for Nick. Her secret could destroy his fragile trust — and the promise of life with the most compelling man she had ever met!