Trailer -Fifty Shades of Grey

Turning E. L. James’ bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey into a movie has been 50 shades of complicated, with issues ranging from trying to find the perfect Christian Grey—Matt Bomer? Charlie Hunnam?—to deciding what the film should be rated. But after a large amount of teasing (which would infuriate Christian), the first trailer for the highly anticipated film has finally arrived. Starring Dakota Johnson as Anastasia and Jamie Dornan as Christian, the trailer takes us into the couple’s first meeting, first kiss, and first, well, you know. So what do you say we dissect every inch of this trailer like we’re the dominant and it’s the submissive? (Too far?)

Anyone watch it yet.?? Well…I just did and it show in cinema on Valentine day. This movie will be banned it from cinema or TV for being too sexy? What do you think? I properly will watch in DVD or wait for downloading it later.


Our first glimpse of Christian is of his back as he looks out the wall of windows in his fancy office. And yes, he’s wearing a grey suit and a grey tie. The man understands his role in all of this, clearly.

But this image begs the question: Did the movie decide to eliminate the part where Ana trips and falls into his office and he picks her up? Or perhaps his back is what throws her off balance in the first place. After all, sexy shoulder blades and balance do not go together. Did you fall for this guy? Haha…I am,lol


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