Bio: i just have to have time to think about what it is that you like about myself. kinda hard tho, you see its not really easy to find goodness in your self if in so many times you feel like you are not that good enough. its like everytime you type in that things, you start doubting, and you start asking yourself like, am i really like that? really? yeah, i must admit, im not really convince in some part of my list...yeah im one of those people who have this self steem problem, but then, you know..this is me..if i dont like me, who else will do? those list are true for me, some is not yet that true, but thats how i see myself now or in the future. and i love it:) lessons and tips: be true to yourself...i mean, its you..and you dont have really to publish it to everyone for them to see. nobody can judge you...love yourself, com'on write it, tell yourself how much you appreciate it. of how much you value the good things about yourself...no judgments..just write what comes on your mind when you think the words "what i like about myself is..." what ive learn about this goal: to be real about myself, be appreciative..be loving to myself. be ME.

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