World Book Day

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Who’s reading?….or not

Do Malaysians still only read two books a year? That was the sad count from the last official survey of local reading habits conducted 10 years ago. A quick survey conducted online at the in the last two weeks reveals that the number hasn’t improved all that much. The largest percentage of almost 400 respondents -30% said they read only one to five books a year. Only 8% read more that 20 books in a year.

In conjunction with World Book day today, we present results

Why people read: – 60% for pleasure, 19% for inspiration , 15% for education and 5% for motivating.

Taken from The Star.


Happy New Year

new year

May the new year bring you success happiness and prosperity. Have a happy new year ! May each and every day of the New Year. Brings you lots of happiness and love. Happy New Year 2016.

Motivation quotes

Need some motivation today, even though I was busy at work, sometime I need to motivate myself to have a better day ahead.


I am going to share what I had read in Stand Strong by Nick Vujicic , one of my favorite motivation guru beside Robin Sharma, Brendon Burchard, Rhonda Byrne and a few more.