Song Fic – Close

Across the miles, its funny to me
How far you are, but how near you seem to be
I could talk all night just to hear you breathe
I would spend my life just living this dream
You’re all I ever need

Stephanie rested her head on Mike’s chest, insecurely. She needed to be close to Mike right now, but would she ever be able to explain it to him? What was she going to do? It’s not like she could just run around and tell Mike that she….she was… Step almost shocked herself with that though. She couldn’t, could she? Was she really falling in love with Mike? After 2 years in the same home, after everything they’d gone through…as friends. And, well, friends was all they were ever gonna be.

Mike was taken by surprise as Stephanie leaned against him. He could feel his heart racing, sincerely believing Steph wouldn’t notice how his body reacted to the gesture. He tried to focus on the movie. For heaven’s sake man, pull yourself together. It’s not like you’re…you’re it suddenly hit him. He was. He was falling in love with Steph. But how? What was he gonna do now? Tell Steph and risk their friendship?

You give me strength
You give me hope
You give me someone to love, someone to hold
When I’m in your arms, I need you to know
I’ve never been, never been this close

Steph could feel all every muscle in her body tense as Mike placed his arm around her. Her heart was racing, her body at the verge of shaking with lust. Her breath getting heavier. Suddenly all the despressed feelings were gone. She found a comfort in Mike’s embrace she’d never felt before. That’s when she knew it was for real. When she realized Mike was all she ever needed.

Mike couldn’t help but embrace Steph. He tried to make it casual, hoping that Steph wouldn’t notice the tenseness in his body. The way his body, his mind, his heart screamed for more. He knew it right then. Steph wasn’t just her soul mate in a friendly way. She was the person he wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Hold on, Steph was the women he wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Witch could cause a few complications, cos Steph was definitely straight. She’d have told him otherwise, wouldn’t she?

With all the loves I used to know
I kept my distance never let go
But in your arm I know I’m safe
Cause I’ve never been held and I’ve never been kissed
In this way
You’re all I’ll ever need, you’re all I’ll ever need

Steph looked up at Mike. Mike looked back at her and their eyes locked for a moment. I love you Mike, Steph whispered, her voice full of passion, lust and love. Steph’s words shocked even herself. Where did that come from? She hoped to God Mike didn’t hear that. Mike was shocked. What did you just say? He whispered back. Steph shrugged nervously, Nothing, nothing at all. Mike didn’t want to leave it. No, you said you….do you? Steph was surprised at how calm Mike sounded. She nodded, looking up at Mike, who had no statement at all on his blank face. Mike, I’m sorry, I, I don’t know what came over me, Steph tried. I’m sorry I….. she was shocked when she was cut off by Mike’s kiss, rather than some kind of tantrum. A few seconds passed before he came to her sense and replied to the kiss, passionately. Her head spinning, all kinds of thought and emotions rushing through it.

Mike couldn’t believe what Steph just said. He must’ve imagined cos it was what he wanted to hear at that very moment. He asked anyway, just to make sure. When Steph confirmed the fact he didn’t know what to do. All those emotions overcame him. Finally, he came back to his senses. He leant down to kiss Steph, as he tightened his embrace. Afraid this would only be a dream. Afraid Steph would slip away again. He still wasn’t really sure what was happening. All he knew was that it felt right, and it was more wonderful than anything he’d ever experienced before.

You give e strength
You give me hope
You give me someone to love, someone to hold
When I’m in your arms I need you to know
I’ve never been, never been this close

Steph couldn’t stop herself now. No one had ever, not even once, turned her on in this way before. She locked her arms around Mike’s neck, in a bid for him not to let go. Unfortunately, two grown don’t exactly fit on a small coach. Especially not when they’re doing…well, what they were doing. The bed…Steph managed to let out as they hit the floor. Mike nodded, as he managed to pick Steph up and place her on his bed. Steph moaned with pleasure as Mikes hands stated to play on her body, slowly undoing the buttons of her shirt. Mike’s lips covering her in kisses. This was beeter than anything that had ever happened to her, or ever her wildest imaginations, this was like heaven.

Mike couldn’t believe how turned on he was. Not even when they rolled to the floor he wanted to let go. He’d picked Steph up before, and this time he had no problem at all, his body fuelled by the passion. He’d never made love to a women before. He’d never even kissed a women before…but , this felt so right. He just went with it. Wondering if Steph would notice. Has he had girlfriend before? The feeling overcame him, his hands rushing over Steph’s body, wanted to touch everything at one. Just feel her, taste her, Steph moaned and it just made him go even more crazy. Longing to fulfill both Steph’s and his own needs.

Close enough to see it’s true
Close enough to trust in you
Closer now that any words can say

Steph rested her head back against Mike’s chest. She could feel Mike’s heart beat, his heavy breathing. Just the same as her own. She was truly exhausted now. She’d never thought Mike as good in bed. She blushed. Mike was good in bed. She thought the thought over. Maybe mike had had a girlfriend before? Steph certainly hadn’t. she hadn’t kisses a guy. Hadn’t love a guy. Had never felt turned on by a guy. Not until last night, at least. Mike looked at Steph. He caught her cheeks turning a shade of crimson. Are you regretting it? he whispered, unsure of his own feelings. Steph shook her head with determination. No, not a single moment of it. do you? Mike shook his head. No, he didn’t regret something that feels so right.

And when, when I’m in your arms I need you to know
I’ve never been, I’ve never been this close

Suddenly something hit Stephanie. Mike, what are we gonna do now? What happens between us? What are we gonna tell everyone else? Mike shrugged. I honestly don’t know. All I know is I don’t want to end it here. Steph was so happy to hear those words. Neither do I. Mike pulled her closer, I guess we’ll just have to face whatever happens now. I don’t know about you but I don’t care. I’d go through anything for this…for you…for us. Steph was too happy with it. All she could do was kiss Mike as a sign of approval.

Mike couldn’t believe how lucky he was. There was just one thing triggering his mind. Steph, why didn’t you tell me…you were…he still couldn’t quite say the word, not really wanted to admit the fact that he was, they both were. Steph rolled over a little, so she could face Mike properly. I didn’t know. I just realised last night. Mike nodded understandingly, so did I…Steph nodded as she laid her head back on the pillow and drifted off to sleep. Mike watched her, listened to her breath change as she drifted off. He couldn’t believe what had happened last night. He’s always wondered what true love is like. When you love someone really much and you know they love you back just as much. Now he know the answer. He rested his head on the pillow, falling asleep with a smile spread across his lips.

You give me strength
You give me hope
You give me someone to love, someone to hold
When I’m in your arms, I need you to know
I’ve never been, never been
This close.

~The End~


Moment – Epilogue

She and Nicky had thought the same, even though the baby wasn’t due for another month. Nicky had bet her that the child would arrive on her birthday, which as it happened was the very day after their second wedding anniversary. But here it was, the night of her birthday and no baby yet. Just as well, Jordon thought as the door burst opened and she caught sight of her birthday cake. A two layer chocolate cake with white icing. Jordon knew the cake would taste spectacular as it looked. She wouldn’t want to miss a delicious bite, not even for a ride to the hospital. After a rousing round of “Happy Birthday”, Jordon blew out her candles and make a wish.
Kate hugged her first and kissed her cheek and then Kian, Bryan, Mark and Shane offered their blessings and loving embrace. Nicky’s gaze glowed with adoration as he bent to give her a resounding kiss. What did you wish for, sugar ? he asked. I can’t tell you… it wont come true, she replied and her serious tone made everyone laugh. Well, I’ll tell you what I’m wishing, Bryan piped up. I’m wishing someone would cut the cake. My mouth is watering.
Laughing Jordon cut the first piece and give it to Bryan and then served the rest of the slices. Surrounded by her family and dear friends, Jordon felt at peach. She ate tow slices of cake and then opened her gifts.
When it seemed that she could barely keep her eyes open, Nicky helped her up to bed. As she lay in the darkness, waiting for her husband to join her, Jordon thought back to the day two years ago, when she’d first met Nicky and married him.
She’d truly believed for a while that he had left her and she would never see him again. The morning she found him in her bed, had marked the happiest day of her life.
Once she and Nicky took full possession of the ranch, they worked side by side to improve the place and with the help form the guys too. Everyone was looking forward to this baby, Jordon reflected. She thought that if it was a boy she might name him Jonthan. She heard Nicky enter the room and sat up. She turned on the light as he sat on the edge of the bed next to her. He reached out and slipped his hand behind her hair to stroke her nape.
Still awake ? I though you were beat. I am. I think I ate too much to sleep, though, Jordon confessed as she rubbed her belly. She been feeling uncomfortable cramps in her abdomen. But she didn’t want to spoil the party by complaining.
Can you help me up ? I think it would help if I walked around a little. Nicky’s eyebrows popped up and his concerned gaze swept over her. You’re sure it’s just indigestion, sugar ? Maybe it’s the baby. She gratefully leaned on his strong arm as she maneuvered herself out of the bed. No, not yet, she assured him. I really don’t thing it’s the…….
A powerful, sharp pain knifed through her lower body and she nearly doubled over. Thankfully, Nicky had his arm around her waist and he hugged her close to support her.
Honey ? she said in a small voice. Yes ? he answered nervously. I can’t stand corrected….
You mean…His voice trailed off as he bent his bend to stare straight into her eyes. She nodded, you might still win that bet we had going……
Jonthan Bernard Byrne was born three hours later, weighting in at seven pounds and two ounce. As Jordon cuddled the newborn with Nicky’s arms around her shoulders she felt her eyes wet with tears of joy. Just what I wished for on my birthday, she confided to Nicky. A healthy baby, perfect in every way. Just like his mother, Nicky said softly as he kissed her temple and then nuzzled the baby’s dark, downy head. He’s got your hair, she corrected. He’s got your eyes, he countered. And I’ve got everything I’ve ever wished for and more, he added. He raised Jordon’s free hand to his lips and pressed a kiss to her palm. So do I, she whispered, meeting her loving gaze. So do I .


Moment- Chapter 10

Tonight she had to face the truth- she would never see him again.
After packing Jordon showered and pulled on a baggy blue T-shirt as nightwear. When she finally shut off the light, the house felt very empty and the night sounds outdoor disturbed her.
When Jordon opened her eyes, she heard a cock crowing in the barnyard and saw dawn’s first rays filtering through the lace curtain of her bedroom window.
Then she saw her three large black duffle bags and with a sudden clench in her heart, remember her plans to leave today. But…something wasn’t right. she didn’t have three bags. She had only one. She opened her eyes wider and tried to sit up, suddenly aware of a heavy, solid weight next to her. She twisted sideways to see a hand. A man’s hand, she twisted further and found Nicky, heavily asleep beside her on top of the sheet, his head buried in the pillow as he softly snored.
She gently turned to get a better look at him. She leaned her head on her arm and looked down at him. As if sensing her gaze, his eyes flickered open and he slowly smiled. A smile that went straight to her heart.
He pulled her head down to his, and she met his mouth in a deep, thirsty kiss, a kiss that seemed to go on endlessly. I miss you. I can’t tell you how much, his voice was husky with emotion and longing. I miss you too, she whispered. I thought you weren’t coming back and you don’t even call. I could never leave you. Don’t you know that by now ? he asked. I do know— she managed, suddenly he pulled her close and give her another passionate kiss.
Then they heard Shane hoisily cleared his throat as she and Nicky slowly move apart, she felt a warm bush up her cheek. They smiled and then enter the room. I give everyone a hug. Oh, I miss you guys. Kian said, yeah we miss you too especially Nicky, he really look down. I turn my gazed at him, smiling. Everyone laugh. I think we should take a nap after a long flight, Mark said. Then they left the room, leaving Jordon and Nicky alone. Nicky ? she began in a clear voice. Nicky – I love you, she burst out finally. He lifted his head and stared down at her. He started to speak but she covered his mouth with his fingertips. No, wait…let me finish. You don’t have to say anything. Really. I just want you to know how I feel and that I was an idiot not to tell you before.. when you told me about the band, I was so afraid, you left that I’d never get to tell you.
Oh,Jordon…he leaned down and kissed her. I love you too, sweetheart. So much… I feel like my heart’s going to burst right out of my chest. Sometime, if I let myself think too much about it. He gazed down at her. I was afraid you’d never understand why I had to take off and do thing my own way. I thought if you had any feelings for me at all, you’d probably wind up hating me.
Hate you ? How could I ? For thinking I caused you to lose you inheritance, he replied. I don’t give a damn about my inheritance, she assured him. She reached up and stroked his face with her hand. I only care about you. I don’t care about going back to California. I’ll go anywhere you want to Nicky. I just want to be where you are. He laughed and kisses the tip of her nose. And the main thing is I don’t think Roger can cause any real trouble now for you because of me, Jordon. I want you to fight him. I think you’ll win. I don’t want you to lose this place without even fighting for it and maybe someday end up regretting it. She quietly regarded him, so you think we should fight Roger ? Absolutely, he vowed. That means we’ll have to stay married, she reminded him. How about staying right here and running this ranch together, but you still can going on tour with the guys ? Do you really want to do that, Sugar ? he asked in a serious tone. I haven’t forgotten what you told me about growing up here. If you still feel the way, I’d never want you to stay here just for me you know. She gazed into his eyes, feeling the total connection that had marked their relationship as being so very special from the first. She could see he was sincere and she knew he would never allow her to live in a place that made her unhappy.
I feel differently about it now. I really do. Because of having you here, I guess, she confessed. You really mean that, don’t you ? My whole life is changed because of you, Nicky. You are my whole life, she confessed. He smiled tenderly at her, his blue eyes growing bright. As if he might cry, she realized. Nicky ? suddenly she felt as if she might start crying herself. And you are mine, sugar, he whispered in a thick voice as he lowered his face toward hers for a kiss.

Moment – Chapter 9

They were due to leave the following day and they were in their room packing. I was sitting at the porch thinking what Nicky said last night. Suddenly she felt Nicky’s hand on her shoulder. All you all right ? he asked. Yeah… fine. Are you guys leaving tomorrow? Looking sad. Yes… we need to go back to work. Jordon noticed Nicky looking at her from the corner of his eyes as they were talking, but didn’t want to look back.
They were up early in the morning. They had to leave for airport at 10am to make their 12 o’clock flight. Kian, Mark, Shane, Bryan, Nicky and Jordon were all eating their breakfast before their car arrived. They did one last check of the rooms to make sure nothing had been left out. Well… guess it goodbye, Jordon said giving a sympathetic look. I gave everyone a hug, then Nicky holding my hand. I’m gonna miss you…Jordon. Me, too…Nix. I looked into his eyes and then fell into an ocean. Nicky’s lips found mine and we kissed a sweet warm kiss. I was battling against the tears trying to hold them in, but I failed though. Hey, don’t cry as Nicky gently wiped a tear from my cheek with his soft hand.
5 months later.
After long day at the barn, Jordon laying on the couch and flicked on MTV and there I saw a very familiar face, and turned up the sound. There was Nicky with other guys singing. I sat there listening closely on the song, they really have such a beautiful voice. The song just hit me right in my heart..
Baby, open your heart
Won’t you give me a second chance
And I’ll be here forever
Open your heart
Let me show you how much I care
And I will make you understand
If you open your heart
To love me once again
They look extremely gorgeous especially Nicky – her husband, she thought. She really miss them a lot. If she tell Nicky how she feel, he may not be leaving.

Moment – Chapter 8

You see, Jordon, it’s like this, he began in a slow, gruff voice. We’re been having a few weeks of since we’ve been here but out manager Louis Walsh will be around this week. We start working again, a few photo shoots, TV and radio appearance and magazine interview. I should have told you about us but I didn’t want to ruin it. I like being with you. We don’t like walking around and telling everybody, hey we are famous because we don’t think we are. We are just normal boys. Jordon shook her head as she tried to take it all in. If Roger didn’t come up with the paper, when you guys going to tell me she asked. When time is right, he answered. And may I know when is the right time ? He just keep quiet and looking straight in her eyes. Jordon turned and walk toward the door, suddenly Nicky’s pull her back and kiss her hard but Jordon pulled away. Jordon… I’m sorry. She couldn’t look at him. Her eyes filled with tears then she run back to her room and cry her heart out. Maybe he was right in a way, she thought to herself. She supposed that her reaction too all this had more to do with the way she felt about him than the actual fact that he hadn’t told her about the band. She hadn’t realized that she could feel so much for someone in such a short space of time. However, she also knew that she was falling in love with Nicky Byrne.
The next morning Jordon woke up unusually late. She felt disoriented at first, but a banging headache soon reminded her of everything. Shane has been aware that something was wrong, but realized that she didn’t want to talk about it. He had given her a quick hug and then disappeared to his won room. Her mind kept drifting to Nicky and eventually she went into her room and duried up on the bed. The tears had come in droves and no matter how hard she tired, she couldn’t stop them. Finally, in the early hours of the morning feeling emotionally and physically drained, she had fallen into a deep sleep. She sat up as the pounding in her head became more severe. She glanced at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her eyes were red and swollen and her face was tear streaked.
Nicky had pured his heart out to Shane and Kian when he’d returned to their room the night before. Byran and Mark had already been asleep. What am I going to do ? he signed. I could tell she was upset about something last night, Shane said. It must been surprised for her to learn about the band. That’s an understatement, snorted Kian. He got dirty looks from the rest of the lads and looked guiltily at Nicky. Sorry, mate. No, you’re right Ki, Nicky smiled weakly. I made a complete mess of everything. I’m an idiot ! he said. I can’t believe Louis be here tomorrow, Mark said gasping for breath. Me , either, our time off has just flown by, agreed Bryan. It’ll be good to get back to work though, said Kian. Hey Ki, why don’t you bang out a tune on your guitar for us, make sure Nicky don’t sound any worse that he did before, joked Shane. Charming!!!! Laughed Nicky. That’s not a bad idea though, singing always cheered him up. Kian pulled out his guitar and started strumming. Within minutes they were all singing along and raising the roof.

Moment – Chapter 7

Nix, when are you going to tell her about the band? Nicky sighed and shook his head. I don’t know Shane. Things have been well, I don’t want to ruin them. She has a right to know. I know, but I guess it’s just that what we have at the moment, is so fragile anyway, god knows what’ll happen when she finds out that I travel around the world for part of my living. Well there’s only one way to find out Nix. It’ll be alright mate. He put a hand comfortingly on Nicky’s shoulder and smiled sympathetically.
She walk direct her attention elsewhere as she approached they room but a noise caught her ear. She looked and saw that the door was slightly ajar. Hesitation briefly, she finally walked up to the door and pushed it open a bit more. Looking inside she could see all five of them spread around the room. Kian was playing a guitar and from the sound of it, they were having a sing-a-long. She was about to leave when a sweet voice carried out the hallway and drew her back to the door.
What would it take, for you to see
To make you understand that I’ll always believe
You and I , can make it through
And I still know, I can’t get over you
And when our love seem to fade away
Listen to me what I say
As the rest of the guys joined in on the chorus, she realized how talented they were.
Then she saw a car approaching…it’s Roger. He took his time getting out of his car and strolling up the walk to the front steps, a newspaper in one hand. He came up on the porch, but did not attempt to enter the house. Where’s your load and master? Taking a little time off from defending you ladyship’s honor? What is it, Roger? She looked him squarely in the eyes. I don’t hae all day for your nonsense. Oh, I think you’ll have time for this nonsense, honey, Just got some news about your better half. Seem the guy you married is a boyband from Ireland. They called themselves “Westlife”. I do want to give this to you straight…… Jordon felt the blood drain from her face as she watched Roger calmly slip on a pair of reading glasses, then open the paper and held out to her. Well, there’s more , but you might as well read it all for yourself. I will read it, she managed. Her head pounded with anger and frustration and he got back into his car. Jordon sagged against the front door and briefly buried her face in her hands. She made it to the study on shaky legs and closed the door, then dropped down on the leather couch to read the paper that Roger handle to her.
The head line “GO WESTLIFE”. And it read :-
In 1996, Westlife made up of Shane Filan, Kian Egan and Mark Feehily. Back in their native hometown of Sligo in Ireland, the three boys were in a production of the musical “Grease”. They also appeared on local TV news show and were seen by boy manager Louis Walsh. So impressed was Walsh that he tried to get in touch with Westlife, except that he didn’t know how. Fortunately, Filan’s mother was also trying to contact Walsh to ask him to manager the boys. Walse offered to try the boys when they performed in Dublin. The performance was a success. So Walsh set up auditions for the two additional members Nicky Byrne just retured from an apprenticeship with Leeds United and decided to take part in the audition. His friend Bryan McFadden, who was already a singer in the city, also take part. They were the first two to the audition, but it was clear to the three boys there two were the ones they were looking for. Since joining RCA, Westlife have made tremendous progress. They were voted by Smash Hits magazine as Best New Tour Act in 1998. They debut single Swear It Again reached No 1. They second sing If I Let You Go reached No 1 too. Their thirth single Flying Without Wings was also released to much acclaim.
She also saw a big photo of Nicky, Shane, Kian, Bryan and Mark. Jordon couldn’t believe that the guy is staying with her actually a famous boyband. She looked over the news once more, she paced across the room, flagging her hands through her hair as she comptemlated confronting Nicky with the news. A sharp knock on the door sounded, followed by Nicky’s voice. Jordon, can I come in? Her nerves felt shattered. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to face him. Door’s open, she finally replied. He opened the door swiftly and entered the room. Mark said Roger stopped by before, he began in gruff, self-conscious tone. Then, his voice growing softer her asked, Are you all right? He took a step toward her, his gaze searching out hers, unspoken words of concern and even affection in his eyes. Actually, I’m not all right, she turned her back to him and picked the paper up off her desk. Roger gave me those, he say’s that you were Westlife – the famous boyband from Ireland. The shocked look on Nicky’s face told her all she needed to know. But she asked him the question, anyway, is it true?? He took a deep breath and nodded, Yes, it is. He swallowed hard and reached for the papers. He looked at them briefly. I’m sorry Jordon, I should have told you about this before. I thought to help you. I didn’t realize someone like Roger would try to dig up dirt on me. I wasn’t trying to trick you. Honestly, he added. He looked so sincerely sorry. I believe you, she said. Then she looked down at her hands and nervously toyed with her wedding band. But now I need to know the whole story, she said looking back at Nicky. Jordon, I need to tell you something about myself, he started. There was more? Jordon felt her stomach clench. I’m listening, she said simple, trying hard to keep her voice even, to keep out the note of alarm. It’s had to tell you this, I’m afraid…. His voice trailed off. I guess I’m plain afraid you’ll hate me.

Moment- Chapter 6

Jordon gripped Nicky’s hand as they entered the great room when Kate had left Roger waiting. She felt a surge of confidence flow through her as she felt Nicky gently squeeze her hand. “Roger—“ she greeted her cousin shortly. She didn’t add the perfunctory “ how good to see you. May I present my husband, Nicky Bryne. How d’ya do ? her cousin replied. Where’d she ever find you bud ? Sittin’ on a bar stood. Nicky’s expression grew stony. His eyes black with anger. I don’t give a damn who you are, mister. Nobdy’s going to talk about my wife like that in front of me. As Nicky moved toward his target, his fists clenched, Jordon hung on to his arm and pulled him back. It okay, she whispered to him. He just trying to get a rise out of you. Don’t let him get under your skin. Sorry we couldn’t invite you to the wedding, Roger, Jordon taunted him. We did get some nice photos, though. Care to see our album? She asked. She picked up the little silver-plated album off the bookcase and held it out to her cousin. So, you got yourself married just in the nick of time. Think you’re pretty damn clever, don’t you ? Well, let me tell you something, big Hollywood star. I’m going to find a way to break that will , if it’s the last thing I do. Well, I guess the joke’s on him, then. Nicky interrupted smoothly, because we are well and truly married. Nicky free himself from Jordon’s hold and mover closer to Roger with every word he spoke. Nicky watches as Roger slowly but surely backed toward the door.
Jordon saw Nicky’s arm fold back, then release like a powerful spring, his fist meeting Roger face with a long thud and flopping to one side. Roger shout, I’ll have you arrested for assault and battery!. Oh, you will, huh? Nicky tone was low and he took slow, few steps toward him. Nicky grabbed his collar and lifted the man up on his feet with one hand. Nicky released him and he dropped like a sack of potatoes. Moments later they heard the sound of Roger’s bug car starting up with a roar as he flew out the driveway. Finally Jordon turned to Nicky, her arms crossed over her chest. Well, is that any way to treat my relations? She teased. He saw her smile, and his expression lightened. I believe in a clean fight. By the way, do they all have such hard heads in your family? He asked rubbing his knuckles. I think I broke a finger. She gently took his hand in her own. His knuckle was swollen, tracing it with her forefinger. You ought to put ice on that, she said seriously. Keep stroking my hand like that and I’ll need to put an ice pack on something, he murmured. She tried to laugh, but couldn’t her breath caught in her throat as she watched his head move closer and felt his free hand rest at her waist, drawing her closer. He was going to kiss her again. Now, Finally. And she was going to let him. Gladly. His lips met hers, warm and persuasive at first. With a deep sigh of surrender, Jordon wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders. Jordon heard the kitchen door at the end of the hall swing open. “Did that guy leave yet? Kate called out to them. Jordon swiftly broke away from Nicky, but she know Kate must have seen something. Oh-excuse me, Kate said as she back tracked into the kitchen. Didn’t mean to interrupt if you were still….talking. I….. his mouth open a moment, his gaze fixed on her. I need to get out now, he said shortly. As if this little interlude has been all her idea! She silently huffed. Me, too, Jordon agreed and turned on her heel and pounded up the stairs.
After a long day, Kate help to preparing the meal. Thankful for the help, Jordon had invited Kate to stay for supper. After the horse riding outside all day, the guys were a bundle of energy at the table. After dinner was over, Kate left and the guys when back to their room but Nicky still sitting there. Without looking at him Jordon stood up , to do some cleaning. Anything I can do to help you? He offered. No, thank, I can handle it. Where the others? I guess they were ready to bed, he replied. I think I won you an apology for the way I acted this morning. An apology? She glanced at him them nodded. Thank you for being so….. honest, Nicky, said tightly. He come forward her again. I try to be honest with you Jordon. You don’t know me very well, but I’m ready not like that normally.
Goading you on? She burst out. When did I ever goad you on? You were the one who grabbed me, remember? Nicky stared at her, puzzled by her ranting. I wasn’t talking about you, he replied. I never meant that you had goaded me on, you kept holding me back. I meant your cousin, Roger. I want to apologize for the way I hauled off and socked him this morning. Oh, said in a small voice, she tried to avoid his curious stare. I just thought…..she cleared her throat. Never mind. Doesn’t matter now. Oh, I get it….Nicky replied, his voice laced. You thought I was talking about us ? There is no us, Nicky, and I’ll thank you to remember that, she snapped at him. Jordon walked up the stair and Nicky just stand there watching.